#SD2KW, Day 46, Pearlington to Gautier, 66 Miles | Gulf In View; O The Joy

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If you’ve been following us for a while you know when we were shivering in Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Texas, we could hardly wait until we could cycle in short sleeves and shorts. And we couldn’t wait to see the Gulf of Mexico. Today was that day! Well kind of. 🤣

We were so socked in with fog for most of the day we hardly saw anything. 😂 Well maybe except the ginormous guitar by Hard Rock Cafe in Biloxi.

Early this morning we met westbound rider, Mary and her pooch Migs who travels with her on her bike in a chest carrier. She estimates she’s carrying about 80 pounds with gear and doggie. Woof!

We rode through towns along the Gulf mostly on bike lanes without any sense of a schedule, because we had none and took breaks when we took a liking to unique signs, carvings or other local landmarks such the Angel Tree in Bay St. Louis. Created by chainsaw sculpture Dayle Lewis (from Indiana 😉), one of the below pictured Angel Trees is located near Our Lady of the Gulf Church however there are two more located on Demontluzin Avenue, one of which was used as a life raft by three Katrina survivors and their dog.

Tom found his favorite bike shop in Ocean Springs this afternoon when he stopped to add air to our tires with a proper air pump. They have a beer tap in the store. What? The only time we’ve seen that is at The Hub right outside of Pisgah National Forest. Ok now Tom has two fave bike shops.

Tom scored a nice campsite at a state park right on the route.

However, as I write this at 1:30am, a pesky raccoon just opened up my bike bag and tried to run away with my peanut M & Ms after he ate my crackers and peanuts. Tom chased him away and he dropped them so I got my candy back. I’m sure he’ll be back. Once they know there is food, they always come back. 🦝

For the second graders:

Jackson wants to know if you have enough clothes with you. What if it rains and you get all wet? Yes we have plenty of clothes because we wear the same clothes all of the time. We don’t need new outfits everyday to look good. Instead we wear clothing to keep us warm, cool or dry.

If it rains and it’s cold, (below 45 degrees or so) we put on a raincoat right away to keep our body warm and dry. Continuing to ride our bikes helps keep us warm. If it’s warm out, we just ride in the rain and our clothes dry while we are riding. If it is storming and there is lightning we always find shelter until it stops.

I have a question for you, Jackson. How many pair of shoes do you think we bring?

Brody we will answer your question next time.👍🏻

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids;

11 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 46, Pearlington to Gautier, 66 Miles | Gulf In View; O The Joy”

  1. Everyday is such an amazing exciting experience. Thanks for taking the extra time to share your journey with all of us. It’s got to feel good marking off two states so quickly. I see Florida in your future. Blessings and many daily prayers .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Florida IS in our future and it’s coming quickly. It’s our pleasure to share and the blog is a way to archive our ride. It’s fun! Thank you so much for the prayers, Garry. They are working! 🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♀️😊


  2. Jackson thinks each of you have one pair of shoes. Is he right? Will wants to know what if something happens to your tent and you don’t have another one available?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve got a 3rd for you, Tom. In your own backyard (almost). Grey Goat Bike Shop in Fountain Square – literally in the Upland Brewery/Fountain Square. You can’t go wrong. Glad to see you ticking off more states! Wishing you guys peace, happy trails and continued blessings for your journey!✌️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Going to pass that good news along to Tom. And our daughter doesn’t live too far away from Fountain Square so that’s a bonus. 😊 We hit another state line yesterday – so the next state line will be Florida. 🌴☀️🌊


    1. The bike lanes ROCK!

      Not everything on this ride is rainbow and unicorns. Right when we reached the Gulf we stopped for a quick break (to look at the fog 😂) and found a gold nugget – that came from my mouth. An old crown popped off. No pain, gratefully but it’s back to the dentist when we get home.


  4. Bikes and beer…kind of like dinking and drinking!
    Did mission work in Biloxi after Katrina. Love that angel tree.
    Getting close, can’t wait to see you two.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol dinking and drinking! Paddles up; peddles down. I’m sure Biloxi needed the work after the hurricane. So much devastation. 😔Looking forward to seeing you too (two)!


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