About Us

Riding Coast to Coast

Riding our bikes across the country has been on our bucket list for a long, long time and finally during the summer of 2018 we’re crossing it off the list!  We’ve gone on multi-day bike/camping tours before but this one is likely to be the granddaddy of them all. To check out the route, click here.

For what purpose, you ask? Well it IS on the bucket list. And the company Tom works for, The RND Group, has been super supportive. And well, we’re not getting any younger, so there’s that.  And then there are these two amazing organizations that could use a little help from friends like us: Back on My Feet and St. Vincent de Paul. So there you have it. Stay tuned while we try to keep calm and pedal on.

Our 50 by 60 Challenge

Sometime in 2012 we came up with the idea that it might be kinda fun (and a challenge) to run a marathon in all 50 states before we turned 60. Tom and I finished in September 2017 and even managed to finish before turning 60. Because. Tom finishes everything either on time or early.

Everyone always asks, “Which state was last?”  Though we normally wouldn’t consider ourselves “Go Big or Go Home” folks, we did it up when running our last marathon and chose Kauai, Hawaii.  What made it so special is that six of our seven children and their spouses/fiances were able to join us.  Thanks Stef for making this memorable video.  We’ve watched it many, many times.

Contrary to what most think, there are a lot of people that run marathons in every state.  We are not an anomaly. Running a marathon in every state also means we have tasted pints in every state. Because. That’s what we like to do.  Not take ourselves too seriously. We travel simply. We eat fried food (healthy food too).  We drink a pint or two. We run marathons. And then we go back to work on Mondays. Well, sometimes Tuesdays. And these days I don’t go back to work at all since I resigned from my position at Marian University in July 2017. #bestdecisionever

Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Finishers, Virginia Beach, March 2014

The Fam

We have seven adult children between the two of us. Adult meaning, they all have jobs, their own health insurance and cell phone plans and no, they do not like to run or cycle like we do.  We’ve moved a lot of boxes from place to place the past few years, believe we have the best neighbors in the world as they’ve overlooked the front of our house looking like a used car lot through our kids’ high school and college years. To top it off we have two darling, rough and tumble toddler grandsons, Charlie and Archie, and look forward to more weddings, grandchildren (especially the one we will welcome in late July 2018) and many more travels.

all kids
Wedding Day, June 9, 2007