Michigan UP | July 2015

The League of Michigan Bicyclists hosts bike tours each summer that make driving up north worth your driving time. We’d always wanted to see more of the Upper Peninsula so we signed up and made it happen.

Time to Yoop It Up
Time to “Yoop” It Up!

It was a circular bike tour that explored highlights of the UP including Tahquamenon Falls, the Soo Locks, beautiful lighthouses and maritime museums, a ferry over to Macinac Island for the day and a bike ride over to Canada.  Meals and camping space were provided mostly at local schools happy to host a group of cyclists as a fund raiser for sports programs. Some of the schools were teeny tiny.

Leaving Whitefish Township School – K-12 enrollment for fall? 20 students. #rideon
There they are. Tahquamenon Falls.
Just your basic tent city that picks up stakes and moves every day.
Living off the grid, this mom and pop business makes cinnamon rolls and bread in a wood fired brick oven that are to die for. Just 16 at a time-for 170 hungry cyclists #noelectricity
Yum! Looks like there’s some buns in the oven now!
Just another day in… ya you guessed. Paradise.
Just two traveling cyclists supporting the local economy. #daydrinking #everyonedoesitonbiketours
Blueberry pie
Nice lady stopped by our camp site and asked if anyone would like the last piece of her blueberry cheesecake bar. I thought Tom was going to tackle her! #noduh
International Boundary Line with the Soo Locks in the background
So long Fr. Jacques Marquette
Lil bit ‘o Trail Magic at the end of the tour.  We always meet the most fascinating and kind people on adventures. Always the best part of any outing.
Finished and ready to start planning our next adventure
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