Northeast Scramble | June 2023

Scramble: n., a disordered mixture of things.

We could have called this bike tour a “clamber”, a “jumble” or maybe even a “hot mess”, but actually there is some sense to it.

We need just five states in the northeast to keep making progress on our 50 state cycling chase, although the tour we’ve pieced together takes us through a hodgepodge of eight states.

In only 1,000 miles we’ll knock off riding bicycles in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Delaware while revisiting, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. And how cool, we will be cycling through New York City!

An no… we’re not riding our bikes to Boston to start the tour or riding bikes home from Philadelphia. The plan is to rent a van and haul our loaded bikes out to Boston and Amtrak it home from Philly.

The bike setup and pack list will be the same as San Diego to Key West minus warm weather gear.

What’s the one big change we DID make? Different bike tires. No more nubby mountain bike tires. Tom changed them out for the same size tire, however the surface is conducive to riding on either tarmac or gravel. So Yay!

When he changed tires he got to see the nail he’d been carrying around inside his back tire since Tallahassee. LOL ya gotta love tubeless tires.

Stay tuned for tour updates!

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