Northern Tier Ride Prep: FundRiding | 100 Mile Challenge

Riding 100 miles in a day, or a century as cyclists call it, is a solid ride.  Riding 100 miles in a day when you’re hauling bags, or panniers as cyclists call them, is freakin’ outrageous.

As an incentive, a friend offered to donate $100 for every 100 mile day we rode.

Disclosure: Have we ever ridden a century? Yep. On lightweight carbon bikes.  The RAINSTORM ride in southern Indiana is five centuries in five days finishing with the 160 mile RAIN ride on the sixth day.  Steep elevations, hot temps, tasty food and deluxe state park inns at night are included in the price.  BTW if you’re into cycling, ride RAINSTORM. It’s an unforgettable, well-organized, arduous ultra cycling adventure.

Five centuries complete. Time to RAIN.

Back to the 100 mile challenge on our coast to coast ride.  Tom’s two back panniers weigh as much as the 21 pound Specialized bike he road on RAINSTORM. Now that’s going to be a challenge. Is a century ride even possible if he’s hauling 85 pounds with bike, bags, fuel and water? We’re going to find out over the next two months.

And then there is me. Deb. I’m not doing the math on that for my Cannondale and bags. #disincentivizing

Find our trip data hereWould you like to match our friend’s 100 mile challenge for a donation to St. Vincent de Paul or Back on My Feet? If you’re in, click on Contact (located at the top right of this page) and message us on the blog. Knowing there are folks willing to make a donation if we push ourselves a little harder is what I call incentivizing.

Northern Tier Ride Prep: FundRiding | Camping for Cash

What is FundRiding? It’s when you’re riding for FUN but you add a “d” and decide to pedal for a purpose to raise funds for organizations in which you volunteer and believe. The St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry and Indy Back on My Feet are two such orgs.

We thought it might be interesting to throw a couple challenges out there. Challenges, dares, wagers, incentives… #whatever

That makes it a little more fun, doesn’t it?

Tom and I will donate $5 to either St. Vincent de Paul or Back on My Feet for every night we camp instead of taking the easier route and hoteling or warm showering it.   Because we are spreadsheet geeks, we are keeping data here.

We challenge our readers to donate $1 a night for every night we camp. Or double the challenge and make it $2 a night!  If you’re in, click on Contact (located at the top right of this page) and message us on the blog. That will give us an incentive to rough it a little bit and camp for cash.

Disclosure #1: We’re not beginner campers. We have some camping experience and we may air out our dirty laundry occasionally. Stay tuned for pics. Who knows what Montana will bring besides mountains.

Katy Trail, June 2017

Disclosure #2: Sometimes we pitch our tent but if it looks like there are gators nearby, we hotel it.

Such was the case in the Florida Keys where we pitched our tent in what looked like to me, a gator invested swamp.


We left our tent set up for the gators and high tailed it to the nearest hotel in town where we grabbed some grilled cobia at a local restaurant and hoteled it. #nogatorsallowed

Florida Keys Camp
Swamp just beyond the treeline
Florida Keys Hotel
Gator free hotel room



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