The Katy Trail: Take Two | June 2017

So this wasn’t our first rodeo on the Katy but we were determined to make it our last. Not because it isn’t one of the best rail trails for bike touring, it’s just that we cycled part of it in September 2011.

And the bucket list is too long to be repeating rides.


Also, this time we had a particular purpose in mind. That was to field test what exactly we would take on a self supported cross country bike trip we were planning for June 2018. Since the Katy was close by and we needed to tend to some unfinished business, we decided to revisit the trail and “git ‘er done this time.”


The Katy is really a trail worth celebrating and one every cyclist should at least consider riding. Let’s just say this time, mission accomplished!

Want to see what our day-to-day experiences were on our second go-round with Katy? Click here.

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