The Mickelson Trail | July 2022

You know sometimes you briefly visit a place and you just know… ya gotta go back. Such was the case when Tom and I ran the Mickelson Trail Marathon in June 2015. We shared memorable moments running the Mighty Mick and had such a deep appreciation for the scenery, wildlife and local history that we knew we’d go back someday.

So as part of our Middle West Meander, that’s our first stop. We’ll bikepack Edgemont to Deadwood and then return the same way we came.

The Mickelson Trail is a 106 mile linear converted railroad trail that connects Edgemont to Deadwood. In its heyday, trains transported people, livestock and freight back and forth for almost 100 years. The converted rail trail is now mostly crushed limestone. There are some gradual rises and drops but really nothing to speak of.

What we remember most though, are the smurf blue skies, bubbly streams, unique rock formations and beautiful trees around every turn. The trestles and tunnels also added to the scenic run.

So yeah while that 13 mile uphill run at the start was tough it was downhill 13 miles all the way into Deadwood. And besides I snagged 2nd place in my age group and won a railroad spike!

Take a look here to see all the Black Hills magic (and bison) on our ride.

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