Tour De Wyoming | July 2016

Without a doubt, the Tour de Wyoming (TDW) is one of the most fun, well organized scenic guided bike tours we’ve ever experienced. Amber Travsky, the ride director, has been doing this a long time and she has a dedication to Wyoming, cyclists and nature that you’ll notice the first time you meet her. Plus she’s kind of a bada$$ cyclist. #justsayin

The route changes every year but this was the 20th annual TDW and it started in Sheridan. From there it went to Buffalo, Ten Sleep, Meteetsee, Basin, Burgess Junction and then back to Sheridan. The tour was only 355 miles but the kicker for Tom and me was, we’d never cycled over a mountain pass. Since we’d be riding around the Big Horn Mountains, mountain passes would be something new for us.

Infographic on the front of the tour t-shirt summarizing all the important deets from 20 years of cycling around Wyoming. All from the seat of a bicycle.

Although we’d camped in Yellowstone and the Tetons on our honeymoon, we’d always wanted to spend some time in Lander and the Wind River Range. It was supposed to be super scenic. So we opted to go out a few days early to poke around, maybe take in some fly fishing, a hot spring soak in Thermopolis and a rodeo in Cody.  I mean. Might as well.

Yep you could say this was a road trip. An epic road trip.

Before the TDW ever started we’d already had 4-5 days of fun, hiking, fly fishing, beer tasting and rodeo watching.

Just like other bike tours we have been on including all the TRIRI rides, and the MUP, cyclists camped in their own tents usually in parks or on school properties and breakfast and dinners were provided along with SAGs and route maps. Rider duffle bags with tent, sleeping bags/pads and clothing were hauled by truck to the next destination.

I learned the first night when I got up to go the bathroom, our tent isn’t always the easiest to find in the dark. From then on, I made sure to leave bread crumbs.
Someone is getting a good workout slinging bags around everyday.
Is it a new day or an end of day? Not really sure.
Coffee always a must.
Oh dear!
New fave cycling snack, Oreo cookie with a schmear of peanut butter and topped with a slice of banana.
New buddy, Mike!
We made it to the top of our first mountain pass but I wanted to cry.
When the school showers are full sometimes you go to the city splash park.
Clean, fed and rested.
Some of us are plaque readers.
Wyoming is just so vast, so big.
Second pass. No problem.
Last night of the tour at Burgess Junction.
What goes up must come down. At an 8% grade my hands got tired of braking.
End of tour.
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