The Cowboy Trail | July 2022

Nebraska. Where does one plan a memorable bike ride in Nebraska? If you’re not captivated by the name “Cowboy Trail” I got nothing for ya. We’re a bit partial to rail trails since we frequently ride a small part of the Monon Trail on our early morning training rides in Indianapolis. Riding the Cowboy Trail seemed like a logical choice.

The Cowboy Trail is a 195 mile linear trail in eastern Nebraska and will eventually be a part of the ambitious Great American Rail Trail that will connect America’s east and west coasts with a 3,700 mile rail trail. It’s already over 53% complete! For more information on the progress of this Seattle to DC endeavor click here.

Once again, we’ll yoyo the route, meaning when we get to the end we’ll turn our bikes around and ride back to the start. Yep, same route, same scenery but a different perspective and whether it’s the scenery, people or ideas, they all look differently when viewing from a different angle. Click here to see more about us horsin’ around on bikes on the Cowboy Trail.

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