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Today’s nearly constant companion was the Atlantic Ocean. We hugged her coastline most all day and when weaned away we found ourselves crossing bridges and causeways over the Indian and St. Lucie Rivers.

We have truly come full circle from the below freezing temps at high elevation in the Sonoran desert over 3,000 miles ago to the warm world of water here in Florida.

At times it was hard to stay on the bike. As the day went on it got sunnier and she kept coaxing us away from the road to the beach.

As we have less than a week of riding we’ve started rehashing our journey and thinking about our next one. We know one thing, we’re going to look at replacing the mountain bike tires on our Cutthroats with some thinner tires (still tubeless) for over-the-road bike travel. Rolling mountain bike tires over 3,400 miles of nearly all pavement has probably been a little harder than it could have been on thinner tires. 🤣

Post ride we rinsed bike shorts, charged devices and showered. Since Tom already did his brewery recon we headed strait to Storm House Brewing where we met locals Elise and Jessica.

They were fun to chat with and made us giggle when before we placed our food order they asked us, “So are you going out tonight?” 🤣🤣🤣 We looked at each other and then at these cute young ladies (one in her 30’s and one in her 40’s) and said we ARE out and after we eat we’re going to bed. Just call us grandma and gramps. #oldgeezers

The ACA route has taken us riding on interstates, through four state capitals and too many tiny towns to count. Some of the roads have been in poor condition and through what many would call rough neighborhoods and other roads have led us down pristine paved paths amongst the enormously wealthy. Today was one of those days.

We knew we were “on to something” by taking note of the driveway materials, the impeccable landscaping and the fact the homes were not visible from the street and most were beach front. Jupiter Island is considered one of the most prestigious places to live in the United States. We didn’t know this at the time but at some point along the nine mile route on the island we passed Tiger Woods’ house.

Tent spots are hard to find these days so it looks like we won’t be breaking out the tent for a couple more nights. Not mad about the indoor flushers at night and fluffy towels. And it won’t be long before we are surrounded by Mother Ocean and tenting again.

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