#SD2KW, Day 52, Chattahoochee to Lloyd, 65 Miles | The Fourth

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Today we cycled through our fourth state capital: Tallahassee. If you’ve been following our journey, can you think of the other three state capitals we’ve ridden though? Hint for the geographically challenged… San Diego is not a state capital. 😂

It’s fairly uncommon for bike travelers to lose two hours overnight, but last night we did. Not only did we enter the Eastern Time Zone when we crossed the Apalachicola River, we “lost” an hour as it’s time to “spring forward.” Now daylight comes two hours later in the morning but we have two extra hours for riding in the afternoon.

Instead of challenging our brains around which way to turn the clocks when we got up, we had this little surprise in my bike tire: a shard of glass.

No problem. Tom pulled it out, added a little air and we were ready to ride.

That wasn’t the biggest challenge, however. We finally got a proper rain shower. And another tire puncture (Tom’s rear tire this time), in the rain, on a four lane highway. The tire was hissing; sealant was spraying so we stopped. Tom plugged the tire and we were off again in the pouring down rain with just ten more miles to our day’s destination.

Grateful to be in a warm and dry EconoLodge tonight ($68 a night) where we can dry out, play cards and do a little route planning.

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