#SD2KW, Day 59, Titusville to Vero Beach, 71 Miles | Gloom and Vroom

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It might have been one of the gloomiest days on our bike tour but the easiest 70 miler we’ve ridden. I mean we’re almost to Havana!

It’s Sunday and although last week the abrupt two hour time difference threw our brains a curve ball, this week we were on it and cruised right into Blessed Sacrament Church for 8:30 Mass (seated near the back row of course). #WhatCatholicsDo

What we witnessed next was the most raucous battle between a bald eagle and osprey you can imagine over a stolen fish while a blue heron took a front perch, squawking and and “egging” them on. I tried to get pics and vids and a few are included in the vid but it didn’t nearly capture the dog fight, errr I mean the bird fight between the two. Nature is the best when we take the time to watch and listen.

Yes it was gloomy today but still a righteous day to be on a bicycle especially with our friend the wind tapping us on the back shoulder instead of slapping us in the face.🤣 #vroom

We’re grateful to be making steady and safe southbound progress down A1A but admittedly, it’s getting harder to stop and take pics instead of just relishing in the last week of our ride. And mostly because the pics we take never do the experience justice. So just do your best and use your imagination. 💭

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#SD2KW, Day 58, Port Orange to Titusville, 54 Miles | Things That…

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From Tom:

Things that make me smile: As we were cycling on US 1 today between Daytona and New Smyrna, I got to thinking about our family vacations as a kid. Our family always went to Daytona Beach for vacation in August for ten days or so. Mom and Dad piled us into the Ford Station Wagon, Mom and Dad in front, my two sisters in the middle and my brother and I in the flip-up seats in back. We stayed in the same motel every year; La Hacienda. My Dad who had just picked up golf decided to play on a course in New Smyrna Beach and asked us to play. I am guessing I was maybe 9 years old.

We got up early in the dark and drove on US 1 to New Smyrna, the same road I was riding on today. Who would have thought some 50 years later I would be cycling here today? I am sure Dad was up in heaven smiling down on us today. And yes that was the beginning of my love to play golf.

Things that make me chuckle: Deb and I were coming off a trail near Gainesville a couple days ago and rolling into a gas station to grab a snack. We saw a man with his bike in the back of his pickup and he had an air hose in hand. He reached over the edge to pump up the tire and kaboom goes the tire!

I’m sure he was looking forward to riding his bike on the trail. I watched him throw the hose down, jump in his truck and immediately drive to the liquor store down the street. Nothing better than having a well deserved ice cold beer after a good ride, but sometimes that ice cold one will help with the frustration of not being able to have that ride. Lesson learned, do not use an air hose to pump up your bike tires that is designed for your car tires.

Things that make me grateful: With rain coming in this evening we were looking for a motel 50 or more miles down the road. I found what looked like a great place just south of Titusville and called to check on availability for one night. The young lady laughed at me since it’s spring break and there was a launch tonight. She said they were booked solid. She said everything is booked in this area.

I found another motel in the area with subpar google reviews but gave them a call anyway. A grumpy man answered with a gravelly voice “what?”. He said he has plenty of room. “There’s no one here since it is only March. Who would come here. It’ll cost ya $139 a night. No reservation needed.” Yes, we have stayed in some places during our trip that you just need a shower and bed. But tonight we were in need of a good bed, shower, and laundry. So our daughter set us up with a Marriott property near the Kennedy Space Center and it was perfect, but we kinda wish we were here last night to see the launch.

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