#SD2KW, Day 50, Milton to De Funiak Springs, 59 Miles | My Old School

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Every day on the Southern Tier we are meeting more riders. It’s like a class reunion of sorts. Today, however was a special sort of reunion when Tom reunited with Troy who drove all the way from Birmingham to meet us in De Funiak Springs.

Dan fan Troy and Tom went to grade school, middle school and high school together and rehashed a lot of memories over bevvies and dinner.

Not only did Tom have the best time reconnecting with Troy, Troy really hooked us up with apples and M&Ms for our ride tomorrow.

And for the first time we meet a long distance bike traveller riding an e-bike! How cool. Tom (from Chattanooga) is riding with a group of three other riders who he’d never met in person before the tour. They call themselves the “The Old Codgers” as they are aged 76, 72, 72 and 67. Tom has the only e-bike in the group. Good for him!

In other news we finished Map #6 and have just 390 miles left to St. Augustine and the 506 miles down the Atlantic Coast to Key West. Things are beginning to move quickly.

We’re grateful everyday for this opportunity and also your encouragement and prayers. Onward! ➡️

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