#SD2KW, Day 48, Dauphin Island to Gulf Shores, 31 Miles | Ferry Godmother

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It’s as if our ferry godmother paid a visit to Dauphin Island and fixed the ferry ramp. Once fixed we were on our way to Gulf Shores.

But first, we cycled to the beach for breakfast. At that point we decided we’d check out of our hotel room and wait at the ferry dock still not knowing if it would be fixed today, tomorrow or next week. I guess positive thinking works!

After a 40 minute ferry ride, we cycled east through Gulf Shores to our campsite and arrived just before nightfall.

At the ferry station we met Dave and Lisa from California who ride a tandem and pull a trailer. You should see how they can maneuver this rig through traffic. It’s impressive! When they get to St. Augustine they will head north to Myrtle Beach as we head south to Key West.

Route rap with Dave who’s tenting next to us with Lisa.

For the second graders:

Will wants to know what if something happens to your tent and you don’t have another one available? Although some bicycle travelers would consider sleeping outside without a tent, we would not. What if it rained? What if there were critters roaming about? A cross country bike rider we met a couple weeks ago woke up and had a skunk ready to say “good morning” when he got out of his tent.

So if we don’t have a tent available we would look for a hotel. Or, we would check on a Warmshower host in the area. These are people who host bike travelers in their home for one night. Will, what else do you think would be nice to offer bike travelers besides a bed to sleep in?

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