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Our last full day on the Southern Tier Bike Route treated us to miles and miles of stunning bike trails. However first, there were donuts to enjoy. We waited until it got light at the breakfast bar in Dunkin’ and watched the spring breakers roll in, eager to start their vacation. That brought back so many great memories for us.

Today WAS all about the bike trails though, both the Gainesville to Hawthorn Trail and the Palatka Lake Butler State Trail. Soooo nice!

We even met a bike riding Macaw named Up Up.

But all good things must come to an end, apple fritters, bike trails and for us, the Southern Tier route which we will finish tomorrow with an easy cruise into St. Augustine. That’s the plan anyway and we know anything could happen as it often does when bike traveling.

When we reach the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow on St. Augustine Beach we adjust our sails from heading east and begin heading south. The journey continues!

We are giving so much thanks for the people, places and time together we have shared so far.

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