#SD2KW, Day 59, Titusville to Vero Beach, 71 Miles | Gloom and Vroom

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It might have been one of the gloomiest days on our bike tour but the easiest 70 miler we’ve ridden. I mean we’re almost to Havana!

It’s Sunday and although last week the abrupt two hour time difference threw our brains a curve ball, this week we were on it and cruised right into Blessed Sacrament Church for 8:30 Mass (seated near the back row of course). #WhatCatholicsDo

What we witnessed next was the most raucous battle between a bald eagle and osprey you can imagine over a stolen fish while a blue heron took a front perch, squawking and and “egging” them on. I tried to get pics and vids and a few are included in the vid but it didn’t nearly capture the dog fight, errr I mean the bird fight between the two. Nature is the best when we take the time to watch and listen.

Yes it was gloomy today but still a righteous day to be on a bicycle especially with our friend the wind tapping us on the back shoulder instead of slapping us in the face.🤣 #vroom

We’re grateful to be making steady and safe southbound progress down A1A but admittedly, it’s getting harder to stop and take pics instead of just relishing in the last week of our ride. And mostly because the pics we take never do the experience justice. So just do your best and use your imagination. 💭

Click on the link below to view more pics and vids:

10 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 59, Titusville to Vero Beach, 71 Miles | Gloom and Vroom”

    1. I KNEW you would see that. I mean Tom was leading soooo… it was a one way street and only a three way intersection. I’m just the videographer. 🎥


  1. Vero is where my family lives! My sister in law owns Posh on ocean Blvd. down the street is a great coffee breakfast place called Cravings. Weather yesterday was unusual!

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  2. Where we stayed in Florida last month, there were a pair of eagles that had apparently moved into an abandoned osprey nest. The pair had an eaglet and they were on constant watch for osprey. One day there was a fly off! But to film it all was impossible! Stop and take it all in! But thanks for trying and sharing! Safe travels!🤗

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    1. Oh my gosh that must have been so cool to see. Both birds are protective and aggressive. So much better than watching TV (unless watching Schitt’s Creek). 🤣


  3. Really getting excited when I see the map of FL. You will be to Homestead before you know it. There is no better feeling than a steady tailwind. I hope it stays with you to KW.

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  4. Don’t think any lens can truly capture the beauty of our 🌎. However, you have done a stupendous job of sharing you and Tom’s love of adventure, fellowship,biking,the Cuttys, and most importantly, each other. Thanks for letting us ride along .

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    1. Thanks Mike! So, so happy to share and so much fun for us to look back and reflect on where we have been, who we have met and what we have learned. Creation is such a gift. Thanks again for following… less than a week to go!


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