#SD2KW, Day 45, Metarie to Pearlington, 59 Miles | The Big Easy

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Tom created a route using Ride with GPS on his phone, synched it to our Garmins, and it guided us safely back to our route where we hooked up at Audubon Park in the New Orleans Garden District.

However before we left Metarie Larry took us to 7am Mass at St. Catherine of Siena (first time riding in a car since San Diego) where Tom and I heard one of the most compelling homilies about the fourth commandment. The priest’s delivery and content were 💯 After Mass, Larry introduced us to Fr. Andrew and I had to ask… “Father, how old are you? ‘Cause I’d vote for you if you ran for president.” He laughed and said that he was 29 years old. Well dang… not old enough. Before our goodbyes he gave us a blessing.

Friends, it seems like it took us a long time to get here but we DID make it to New Orleans, aka, NOLA, The Big Easy, The Crescent City and more. And we rolled in on a perfectly sunny Sunday morning. We’d both been here before when we ran the Mardi Gras Marathon so it was fun to see some familiar sights. We agreed NOT to wait in line at Cafe DuMond for a beignet. Nope! We did however score some freshly made doughnuts in Bernard Parish at Gerald’s Donut House and and some fresh brewed coffee to soothe our crawfish hangover. 🤣

There are lots of pics of NOLA in the vid below. What we really enjoyed however was getting out of town and riding through The Rigolets and among the marshy areas of eastern Louisiana. There’s so much water with egrets, herons and osprey to watch as we cycled by.

We road into Pearlington and grabbed a couple of burgers and tots at a local place on the water just a mile from our campground.

And when we got to our campground, sure enough the owner was there with his 23 year old cockatoo ready to show us all of Mozart’s tricks.

I think Tom kinda got attached to Mozart.

And oh yeah… we’re in Mississippi now!

Click on the video below to view more pics and vids:

5 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 45, Metarie to Pearlington, 59 Miles | The Big Easy”

  1. We had our routine when we’d go to NOLA: Pat Obrien’s for a hurricane, takie outtie for something on a stick and then cafe du monde ‘s for beignet and coffee. I do the waiting in line and Gary grabs a table! Or vice versa…we make it work! The wildlife is just beginning my friend, so much along your route, it’s like you are on another planet 🌎…have a safe pedal along!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ready for some more beautiful birds and maybe a gator or two as long as they stay in their own yard. 🐊

      Love the NOLA routine. “Takie Outtie” 🤣🤣


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