#SD2KW, Day 57, St. Augustine to Port Orange, 58 Miles | Good Vibes

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When we took off this morning we felt like we were starting a whole new ride. And we were! We got an early start to beat the spring break traffic and our efforts paid off.

Just before Palm Coast we met a local named Brian who took us on a quick trail ride out to an inter coastal. It was SO nice to be off road.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and we were hungry as heck. Our friend Cathy C. gave us an excellent suggestion for lunch along Flagler Beach and lemme tell ya, Cathy was spot on. Flounder sammich and beach vibes. 💯

We didn’t plan it but this word behind us says it all. And I constantly want to check the map… because the let’s just say the old horse is smelling the barn. 😂

Just before Daytona Beach a local flagged us down and asked if he could take our pic. He also advised us there was a St. Patrick’s Day festival happening in Daytona. It took all our power not to stop and participate.

We scored a bare bones campsite in Port Orange and giggled at our neibs light source (a table lamp) God bless their big hearts they are out here enjoying the great outdoors just like us!

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids:

13 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 57, St. Augustine to Port Orange, 58 Miles | Good Vibes”

  1. So glad you are having good weather..,Indy is having winter again since we missed it the first time! Snow this morning was on the ground, because of the boilermakers frozen tears in their loss to number 16 !
    Watching my Tigers try to beat Princeton right now, so have a safe one and pedal on!

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    1. Wasn’t that Purdue loss something. Ouch! Sorry about the winter weather. Just heard that Southern Tier riders at elevation in Texas are getting snow also. Whew! Ya never know what you’re going to get!


  2. It sounds like you love riding along the beach as much as we do. When we rode 400 miles in Puerto Rico in January, the best parts were within site of water, any water. We never got tired of seeing the ocean while we rode. Water is just soothing.

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