#acaNoTier Otter Lake to Marysville, 67 Miles | 3K and We Are Still On Our Way

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We met another what we call “smilestone” instead of milestone today – 3,000 miles complete!

With headwinds picking up throughout the day we decided to leave Otter Lake Campground as soon as possible. By 6:30am we were on our way.

We made a few stops along the way just to take a breather from the head winds. Tom considered a coney dog and rootbeer float from A&W but then decided to meander down the road.

Yep the winds did pick up but we were able to duck into a Super 8 before the storm. It had actually started raining as we pulled in.

Knowing the wind was going to be wicked today and we had a lot of longer distance straight shots I did my best to tuck in behind Tom and draft a little bit, something I haven’t done until today.

Taking his advice to heart to pedal harder so my hands (which feel like someone has taken a meat tenderizer to them) and my back end which is in good shape but not optimal (sorry if TMI) I pedaled hard today and had a fine day of cycling.

My legs do still get sore, believe it or not. And my bike is wicked heavy. It’s harder to womanhandle that big ole thing than do 100 push-ups a day. Much harder. But peddling harder does take the pressure off the hands and rear. Tom was right.

Finally figured that out after 3,000 miles. #duh

If all goes as expected we will take a smallish ferry over to Ontario tomorrow for a few days of cycling in Canada before returning to the US near Niagara Falls. The weather forecast tomorrow is garbage tho, (sorry Dad, remember “garbage burger” from our trek across the US in our Ford with you mom and all six kids). We will see how well Tom’s advice works tomorrow.

But… it’s weird to think we will actually be riding south to enter Canada.

Happy 3,000 miles to us!

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