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It’s our last night in Wisconsin and we could not think of a better way to spend it than camping at High Cliffs State Park on Lake Winnebago and making good on a planned rendezvous with Bruce and Gail Miller. It just feels like a good day.

Our ride today started on a paved trail and was really pretty uneventful. During our 70+ mile ride we saw lots of deer and baby deer, sand hill cranes and even a fox. Frogs appear not to fare well in Wisconsin. #deadontheroad

The dairy farms are as numerous in Wisconsin as there are lakes in Minnesota. And just like the lakes, the farms and barns are all unique. Ya just don’t get tired of riding by them.

We camped in High Cliffs State Park, a place we will return to in the future because of the opportunities for camping and hiking. We arrived early, set up the tent, showered and soon Bruce and Gail came to pick us up for dinner.

Tom has known them for years but after an evening chatting it up I felt like I’d known them forever as well. They are good, good people.

We returned to camp, tidied up, took a quick evening hike and prepared to get up at 5am to ensure an early start riding to Manitowoc to board the ferry at 2pm.

As an aside, Tom fantasized all day about seeing Brett Farve walking to his mailbox to check the mail. However he was disappointed to learn Farve didn’t live in Wisconsin after all. #fantasyshattered

Tomorrow we will cross our seventh state line, Michigan. And the ferry ride will be like a vacation within a vacation. Yay! We are taking a recovery day in Ludington on Monday and to get our bikes tuned up. With a little over 1,300 miles to go, a tune up seems like the right thing to do.

We live a charmed life and are so grateful.

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