#acaNoTier Marysville, MI to Clearville, Ontario, 82 Miles | Watching the River

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On Saturday we anticipated a difficult ride. The rain, the headwind, the ferry was out so there was a detour and then border crossings can always be a little slow.

But… all went pretty well. There was a lot of wind, yes, and then there was the rain. But it went pretty smoothly.

Following the St. Clair River for most of the morning on a cycleway provided fairly flat and easy cycling. But there was that headwind and rain later in the forecast.

Freighters moved up and down the St. Clair and it was kind of fun to try to stay ahead of them.

The ferry crossing at Algonac to Walpole Island was quick and costs a mere $4, total. Two bikes, two people, two dollars each.

We camped very near the Lake Erie shoreline. It was rough and windy near the shore but nice and calm near us. A family camping nearby invited us over to chat. After a quick visit it was early to bed with just two little critter visits at night.

The BEST news of the day though is we are going to be grandparents again – like on Sunday! Yay Missy and Jared!!

Stay tuned… cell service and Internet is a bit sketchy.

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