#acaNoTier Enderlin to Fargo, 56 Miles | Fab Fargo

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We were remarkably lucky in that my sister, Jane and her husband Mike were on their way back from Yellowstone National Park and were traveling through Fargo when we would be. A rendezvous was planned!

But first we had to ride the 50 plus miles to get there.

Most of the ker-chunk was replaced with nice road surface but no shoulder. Because there was quite a bit more traffic, we ensured our tail lights were flashing brightly and even affixed our bright strobe front lights to the back of our bikes to make sure we would be easily seen.

But that’s not all… anytime there was an oncoming car and a passing car approaching at the same time we drove off the side of the road in the dirt and gravel to avoid getting hit or causing an accident since there was no shoulder. Let’s just say our day started with 30 miles of off roading. #safetyfirst

But it worked! We arrived safely to Kindred where we stopped for lunch and met Scott, a high school Biology and Chem teacher from Illinois. He gives “riding to the ride” a whole new meaning as he is taking part of the Lewis and Clark trail and riding to and from RAGBAI and then some. It was a lot of fun to chat with Scott and pick his brain about gear and new destinations. Coincidentally he came from Lindenwood where he camped the night before and we were meeting Jane and Mike.

We arrived to our campground just in time to watch Jane and Mike pull in. They’d stopped at the store for food and bevvies. They got the camper parked and set up in no time. Tom did some bike maintenance and cleaning while I went through my bags to see if I could drop any weight for the second half of our bike adventure.

Sad to say a few things didn’t make the cut for the second half: the camp cutting board, spatula, an extra pair of gloves, undies and my beloved camp chair. Yes I love it but by the time we finish chores in the evening we usually climb into the tent. Not needed. Less weight. Wonder if that will help me keep up with Tom. Probably not. 😕

Best part of the day though was enjoying the fabulous meal Jane cooked up for us. Fresh fruit and cheese and crackers as an app and then grilled chicken, peppers and pineapple served up with baked beans and an enormous salad with real lettuce – (not iceberg) yayyyy!!

We finished up the night with a slumbie in their camper and lucky for us because it stormed again last night. We were all comfy cozy in the camper while the wind, rain, thunder and lightening carried on outside.

It was fun catching up on all the family and home news. We went our separate ways but it sure was great to see them! Thank you Jane and Mike!

Looks like the next couple days will bring headwinds and some rain but… today we enter Minnesota, our fifth state!