#acaNoTier Haugen to Clam Lake, 85 Miles | Just an Ordinary Day on The Old Road

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West central Wisconsin was gorgeous today. We traveled many country roads and although they are old, they are newly surfaced and infrequently traveled.

Tom says this may have been his favorite day of riding because of the backroads around the lakes, very little wind and although there was almost 3,000 feet of climbing it was hardly noticed because of the twists and turns in the route.

We opted to get dinner in town on our way to the campsite and again reworked our riding plans for the next few days until we get to the Manitowoc ferry. It’s tricky though, because campsites and hotels are scarce as are Warm Showers so it might change again depending how we feel and the weather.

We are now in our tent with a bazillion mosquitos buzzing around just waiting for one of us to emerge.

But… the loons are calling from Clam Lake so I’d say that’s a fine sound to fall asleep to.

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