#acaNoTier Dunville, Ontario to Lockport, NY, 92 Miles | So Long Ontario

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Ontario we will miss your courteous drivers as you slow down and give cyclists plenty of room when passing. Even during our short visit to Alberta a month ago, Canadian drivers watch out for cyclists. Thank you Canada!

Today we are back in the USA and had another epic ride. We averted the rain, even had a bit of a tailwind and were able to use scenic cycleways for a good bit of the 92 mile ride today.

Niagra Falls was on the route however it was just a quick stop for us to view and “do” the Falls. There were SO many tourists. That’s not what we are used to. Still it was worth the quick stop.

The border crossing was somewhat of a cluster and we laugh about it now. Apparently the “Border Commander” on the Canadian side was new in his position. He told us just to cross the Lewiston Bridge and just stay on the right side with the trucks.

Honestly there was no one in the office. He could have been part of the cleaning crew because his instructions to cross were a bit vague. We had to cut through a “Do Not Enter” area.

Nevertheless we boldly set out on bikes with bags to renter the USA.

Keep in mind it’s mid 90’s, we are pedaling our little hearts out with the big trucks over the Niagra River. I wanted to take a lot of pics but restrained myself.

When we hit the USA border the border officials there were aghast. What? You crossed with the trucks, on bicycles?! You are NOT allowed to do that. They walked us over 5-6 lanes of traffic, all re-entering the USA. We had to lift our front and back tires up over the curbs – yep that’s one way to get an arm workout in.

Finally we were quickly readmitted to our native country. I guess that’s one way to get expedited to the front of the customs line, and we consider ourselves a couple of rebels, for a minute.

So… a new state, New York, and a new map is on our agenda today.

As always we are so grateful for this opportunity and continue to pray for all those who have asked for prayers.


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