#acaNoTier Sherwood to Ludington, 44 Miles | So Long Badgers, Helloooo Wolverines

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The highlight today was the ferry ride and it was like a vacation within a vacation.

But first we had to get to the ferry and meet a drop dead arrival time of 1:30pm. No problem. Tom checked Google Maps for a “short cut” to get back to the route.

He cued it up in his phone and put one earbud in. Google Maps was going to “talk” us out the back exit of the state park.

And it worked! I snapped a couple pics for the vid. There was a little off roading that made my cheeks and other areas of my body shake like jello but it wasn’t bad and it WAS a short cut. And a scenic one at that.

Breaking camp at 5am and leaving at 6am ensured we were on time, actually four hours early. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Our only hardship of the day was not having coffee in the morning. #firstworldpain

Manitowoc was hosting a sub festival over the weekend (the Navy vessel not the sammie). We toured the town and found some bevvies and popcorn while we waited.

After boarding the SS Badger we enjoyed a four hour cruise to Ludington, Michigan. It was a gorgeous day, the lake was smooth as glass and the breeze, calm. Although we cycled a little over 40 miles in the morning it seemed like a recovery day.

So it’s onto a new state, Eastern Time and hopefully newly tuned up bikes with only a little over 1,400 miles to go.

Mass, laundry, groceries, bike tune ups and buying more bug juice and white gas are on the to-do list – and the wind won’t be blowing these tasks away as the song suggests.

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