#SD2KW, Day 43, Baton Rouge to Gramercy, 57 Miles | Levee or Leave It

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Today’s ride was all about the levee along the Mississippi River. Although it was only the first 16 miles it’s what Tom and I remember most about the day. And those cool temps, clear skies and that tail wind were pretty unforgettable as well. No traffic up there on the levee and there was always something to look at. Nice to get the Cuttys rolling on dirt too.

Our first stop was the Louisiana State University campus and a quest to find Mike, their Bengal Tiger mascot. Mission accomplished!

Then it was back to the levee for some of the sweetest riding this trip. The miles sped by.

We stopped for lunch at the landing near the historic Houmas House as Tom had a foil wrapped cheeseburger in his frame bag calling his name. And what? … a cruise ship on the Mississippi River? Never heard of such a thing.

At the landing we chatted with a nice family driving from El Paso to West Virginia. We were thinking, dang that’s a long drive for them but then we thought… heck we rode our bikes through El Paso! Meet Dylan (in the rad T shirt), Doug and Denise. Super nice peeps!

Our goal was to get to the town of Lutcher at 4pm to meet our Warmshower host before he left for his church men’s group. Not long before Lutcher we met Jerry from Cincinnati and his brother Jeff from Columbus, westbound on the Southern Tier route. We swapped ride intel and they gave us the good news that the bridge over the Pear River is passable for bikes (not cars) meaning we won’t have a 117 mile detour to contend with. Also apparently there is a talking parrot in an RV park past Pearlington we just have to meet. Wishing these guys well – especially on a day of headwinds for westbounders. #ouch

Once at our warmshower, we had a nice chat with Jerry (who goes by Dewaine). He and his wife, Stephanie have done missions work all over the world. He is the founding pastor of his Pentecostal church here in Lutcher and and he was a joy to talk to. Built like a lumberjack but with the heart of a shepherd, if we return to Lutcher, we want to hear him preach. And he gave me a couple of book reccs! I’m always down for those. 😉

Almost to NOLA!

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids:

10 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 43, Baton Rouge to Gramercy, 57 Miles | Levee or Leave It”

    1. Thanks Bob! Much the same today and the levee however it’s paved now. We are currently taking a break watching a HUGE ship trying to make it under a bridge over the Mississippi River. Now it’s backing up! Wondering what is happening.


  1. Glad you got some off road on this trip. Haven’t heard you mention that more than once or twice. We’ve never tried warm showers. We’ll have to check it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes check WS out! Some people use them often – Tom and I less frequently. We always appreciate the hospitality when we schedule a stay. 👍🏻


  2. Glad you rode on the levee…that’s kinda where Gary proposed! Romantic huh?!
    Oh well, everyone has their own story 😂…glad you found Mike at LSU…take care and pedal on to NOLA!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Will be cruising through NOLA this morning and then on to Mississippi later this afternoon if all goes well. And I love your marriage proposal story. If it were today he was “courting” you he may have proposed on the pickleball court!


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