#SD2KW, Day 42, New Roads to Baton Rouge, 39 Miles | The Mighty Mississippi

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We got our first real glimpse (on this bike tour anyway, of the mighty Mississippi River. She’s both grand and wide and changed significantly over the years. Levees are built to try to control her, however at times she seems to have a mind of her own as she seeks to explore new banks. (Love this metaphor for us women folk) 👯‍♀️

We also got our first glimpse of industrial Louisiana just outside of Baton Rouge. Woof. Let’s just say the roads here could use a little patching. Peddling in traffic was also a bit arduous. We got ‘er done though!

As Tom mentioned yesterday we are in a “hop, skip and jump” mode through Baton Rouge and New Orleans because of their proximity, places to stay and navigating through metropolitan areas so we are enjoying some low mileage days.

Since Thursday is our traditional date night we took advantage of a shorter ride day to walk the Mississippi River levee, visit the local brewery, chat with the locals and scoop up some food truck sammies.

While walking along the Mississippi, Tom and I saw the USS Kidd, a destroyer launched in 1943. She is named after Rear Admiral Issac Kidd who died on the bridge of the USS Arizona in the Pearl Harbor attack and the first Rear Admiral to be killed in action.

The USS Kidd also flies a pirate flag (skull and crossbones) and the only naval vessel authorized to do so. She was known as one of the “Pirates of the Atlantic and Pacific” and at the request of Rear Admiral’s widow, the Jolly Roger still flies aloft.

Well the mister is sitting across from me submitting all of our tax forms, on his phone. Taxes still need to be done, even while bike touring. 😂 It still fascinated me how much technology allows us to do. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing I suppose.

On our way out of Baton Rouge we’re looking for a tiger. Stay tuned…

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8 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 42, New Roads to Baton Rouge, 39 Miles | The Mighty Mississippi”

  1. They do have Mike the Tiger at LSU! He has his own compound and is a beautiful animal, although I am not for zoo like enclosures.. got my masters of education degree hauling around tvs and other av equipment on that campus! And that’s what brought me to SPX! Haha! Enjoy the day AND the FOOD!

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