#SD2KW, Day 22, Esperanza to Van Horn, 53 miles | I-10 Oreo Cookie

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It was an Oreo cookie type day with Interstate 10 for two miles at the beginning of the ride, 11 at the end and “good stuff” in the middle.

But first breakfast burritos and coffee were in order because adulting can be hard. And adulting in the cold and cycling even harder. We were the first customers at the truck stop when they opened at 6am and didn’t leave until 9am since we had a shorter mileage day and it was cold. I mean why leave warmth, wifi, food and free flowing coffee?

Once on our way we noticed something sketchy was going on with our Garmin devices; both of them were all jammed up and having difficulty acquiring satellites so we resorted to using our paper maps to get started. Oh the horror! 😱 Tom blamed accidental Border Patrol surveillance and I blamed it on an undetected Chinese spy balloon. 😅

However soon enough we were eastbound with a short stint on I-10 and then a glorious two lane frontage road with very little traffic and wait for it… a tail wind. The good stuff. Traffic was so sparse we even got to ride side by side most of the day.

We felt a little closer to home today because we’re on Central Time now and getting closer to Eastern Time.

Weather calls for 22 degrees overnight and sustained 20mph winds so no camping but Tom did snag this cute cabin for the night and it was right on route.

The other half of our breakfast burritos, a bagel, beef stick and cheese for dinner, a chocolate covered Payday for dessert with a bottle of red wine to share while playing Gin. Tom’s up 3 games to my 1. Darn it!

So grateful for our little cabin. The wind is howling, and I mean howling outside.

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13 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 22, Esperanza to Van Horn, 53 miles | I-10 Oreo Cookie”

  1. Love those quiet frontage roads with stories of abandoned business of days long ago. They always set my mind to travelers of long ago.

    I hope you will have an opportunity to stop and window shop for designer shoes and handbags later today. It one of the weirdest roadside site I have encountered.

    PS. I bet that was one noisy campsite!

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    1. Yep we stopped at the Prada shop. Crazy weird! You know these roads so well. It’s a little sad to see the small towns die, like Sierra Blanca yesterday and Valentine today. They are slowly dying. What would it be like to see them back in the day?


  2. When Garmen jammed I thought of the Chinese spy balloon right away as well. Jeff and I played over 100 games of Hand & Foot during the pandemic, good times for quarantine. Wind howled here last night. Only 10 days till I leave for NZ and Aussie land!

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