#SD2KW, Day 26, Sanderson to Seminole Canyon State Park, 82 miles | Easy 80

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After a day off, you could say today was an easy 80 miler. Happy Valentine’s Day to us and to you!! ♥️ It started off with Tom bringing me coffee in bed. What a treat!

We knew the wind would be in our favor most of the day and although 80 miles is still sitting on a bike saddle for a good amount of time we had some righteous descents as well as favorable wind.

It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns however. That side wind was obnoxious. When the road veered southeast the side wind about blew us over. I looked ahead at Tom leaning his bike to the right into the strong winds as he peddled hard successfully staying upright. I wanted to get a pic because it looked so funny with his bike at a constant 20 degree angle but I didn’t dare take one hand off my own handlebars to grab my phone for I was riding at the same angle keeping my bike upright.

Friends, we live in an absolutely beautiful country. There’s not one of our photos that does the scenery justice. We rolled up and over so many rises in the road today only to be blown away (sometimes literally) 😂 at the view. And the topography is slowing changing giving way as we leave mountains behind and peddle toward the Texas Hill Country.

We crossed the Pecos River and again rode very close to the USA/Mexican border where we observed a big increase in Border Patrol activity.

We’ve got a sweet campsite on a rise overlooking a great expanse of land in Seminole Canyon State Park. Again, we’d like to come back. The area is know for petroglyphs and native history with lots of wildflowers in season.

When the wind finally died down we enjoyed a simple Valentine’s Day dinner at our campsite and later watched the sun set.

For the second graders:

Sophia wants to know how you know where the hotels are located. Sophia that is an important part of bike travel. Great question! Think about how your parents choose places to stay when you go on vacation. They probably do three things: 1) Google or Google Map places to stay. We find hotels and campsites using our phones because we are not carrying a computer.

2) Look at our maps. The Map Legend shows where hotels and campsites are located. See the picture below of one of our map panels for tomorrow. There are lots of campsites but not many hotels.

3) We talk to people we meet along the way who have been where we are going. Often they suggest good places to stay. I bet if your parents or friends are going to Florida for Spring Break, they have done the same thing.

Cole we will answer your question tomorrow. 😊

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids:

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