#SD2KW, Day 35, La Grange to Navasota, 68 miles | Frackin’ Trucks!

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What a peaceful way to start a morning… packing up the tent just outside the Community Center at the Colorado River Landing RV Park after having enjoyed fresh brewed coffee. It was a little overcast, birds were chirping, red bud trees are blooming. Then we hit the road with the fracking trucks. Ouch!

They are big, loud, intimidating and no matter where you stand on the issue of fracking, you probably don’t want to be riding a bicycle on a two lane country road with fracking trucks.

It was mentally and physically challenging as we rode with and gave way to the truckers by pulling off the road to give them room. Throw in a head wind, small shoulders and rough roads and it’s exhausting, maybe even a little aggravating. However it only lasted 25 miles. 😊

Our ride led us through small towns offering antiques, community churches and up and over so many PUDS (pointless/pretty ups and downs) we thought we’d returned to Hill Country. 😂

Once in Navasota, we came to the end of our fourth Southern Tier Map (yes we are still in Texas) and were trying to locate the local fire station where free primitive camping is available to cyclists. After loading the new map we realized we bypassed the station by almost two miles.

Instead of turning around we pushed on and checked in to a motel for hot showers and dinner at a steak house right next door.

Grateful for this journey everyday, even the tough ones. 🥰 Thanks so much for coming along!

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