#SD2KW, Day 14, Tucson to Sonoita, 48 miles | Scenic Sonoita

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It was hard to get out of our sleeping bags at 36 degrees as we were toasty warm in our hat and puffies but we knew we had a hotel stay coming up and that’s always motivation to get going.

Once out of the tent and packing up Bill and Karen from Idaho stopped by. They’re on their way to Mexico to #EscapeTheCold like us. We swapped bike trip bucket lists with them. We moved the Idaho Hot Springs ride up on our list and I’m pretty sure they will one day ride The Great Divide.🚵

We climbed some hills today amidst stunning scenery, getting up over 5,000 feet just pedaling along, not setting any speed records but making relentless progress forward and grateful for fair weather and attentive drivers.

Someone asked how much water we carry. Great question! Well it’s not hot out here but we are still sweating and need plenty of water. We each carry two, one liter bottles and a reserve pint on the bike frame (just because it fits there). We are using the same liter bottles we bought in San Diego – we just refill them everyday. #ReduceReuse#Recycle

We’re staying at the Senoita Inn tonight – really nice digs!

Not only is the Senoita Inn lovely, it’s historic, close to a steak house and brewery and the barrel racer (as in rodeo) is super nice and accommodating. Thanks, Morgan!

After quickly unpacking, doing laundry, and taking showers we walked to the local brewery, ‘cause we had some celebrating to do – two weeks on the road already!

On the way home the craziest thing happened. It was dark and we were walking on the opposite side of the road from a girl holding the reins of a saddled but riderless horse. She asked us if we were the rider or if we’d seen a rider.👀 Apparently there is a missing horseback rider somewhere in Senoita.

Thanks for following along! Your prayers, comments and messages mean a lot.😊

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