#SD2KW, Day 30, Vanderpool to Kerrville, 57 miles | Good Hill “Hunt”ing

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As we left the town of Hunt, Texas we officially entered Texas Hill Country!

We had one of our last steep climbs out of Vanderpool within the first three miles today. Tom thinks it’s the longest hill at such a steep climb we’ve ever completed. However, it’s not nearly as tough as you may think because although we have traffic to contend with we are on pavement, and our tires always get traction. The rear tires don’t spin out as they do when trying to climb on dirt and gravel. On to the rolley polley Hill Country.

We share most every day what a remarkable ride this has been. Today’s no different. Although we only cycled a little under 60 miles, it was like 3-4 rides in one day with the early climb, trolling up and over the hills at the top, passing the cycling club riders, meeting Rory from Palm Beach riding ST westbound and following the Guadeloupe River through Hunt and then into Kerrville.

One day runs into another and if we didn’t spend the time to take and make the pics, vids and track data we’d forget so much.

I’m writing this in the middle of the night as 1) we finally got cell service. It was only AT & T for days out in ranch land and us Verizon users were out of luck, 2) After our ride, a stop at the bike store for a proper air fill, big burgers and bevvies at Brew Dawgs and setting up the tent, we went right to sleep and 3) It’s only getting down to 40 tonight and my texting fingers aren’t numb. Yay for warmth!

We’re camping four miles off route in a Kerrville City Park near some Boy Scouts (go Scouts!).

Really hoping to be able to get to 7:45am Mass tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Then we peddle east towards Fredericksburg with a stretch goal of Johnson City (which is just outside of Austin!) Lovin’ these days and this guy so much!

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids:

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