#SD2KW, Day 25, Marathon to Sanderson, 54 miles | Super Sunday

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By now you know we have three things on our mind when we bike tour (besides our family at home): food, weather and elevation.

If you’re still riding along with us, you’re either 1) waiting to see our state line dance for Texas, 2) wondering if we can EACH put a medium sized pizza away on our own or, 3), looking for a post when food, weather and/or elevation is NOT mentioned.

Today is not that day for any of the above as Tom scores one of the best tasting blueberry tarts on the Southern Tier.😉

The most memorable site of the day however, was a very large herd of big horn sheep trotting away. They are difficult to see because they blend in well with their surroundings so about the only way to spot them is if they are moving. If you look carefully you may be able to see some of the herd moving to the left in the video below.

Our Super Sunday, although ridden under cloudy skies included a super slide into the small town of Sanderson, TX.

Check out this nice descent. So long 4,000 feet!

Sanderson, TX offers camping in the area and it was above 40 degrees however we checked into the Desert Air Motel to watch the game on TV, and have other amenities within reach – like a flusher. 🚽

Whoops turns out Dish didn’t carry the game but… with the help of our son, we were able to see the game on my iPhone. It’s the little things… literally.

Taking a zero day tomorrow (a rest day), our first one in over three weeks! We don’t actually need one but headwinds are forecasted tomorrow and we have a longish ride. So nope! There’s a wind advisory on Tuesday but wind is blowing in the right direction – at our back. Yay!

For those of you wondering, the big balloon in the desert just before Marfa is a border patrol blimp. With so much activity in the skies these days, the confirmation is comforting, isn’t it?

Click on the link below to view more pics and vids:

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