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Finally our last day in Texas, where we have spent the last 17 days, ridden 1,034 miles at an average of 60 miles a day. Nine of those nights we camped and eight we slept inside. That deserves ice cream!

And today we passed the 2,000 mile mark!

As we leave the Lone Star State what’s most on our mind, well before getting our first glimpse of the Gulf of Mexico, are dogs. We’ve heard the stories, read the blogs and even experienced them as we leave Texas. They charge cyclists and chase us down until they tire or lose interest.

Tom’s been stopping and yelling at them but as most people know I’m terrified, especially of the big dogs. I think I need to confront my fears, stop, shout and growl as well. A united front is always best. 👍🏻

When we checked into the RV place, Rita, the manager, was interested in our trip and said she has a lot of cyclists ride through. A couple years ago a group set off and had to come back after one of the riders had an encounter with a loose dog that resulted in a crash and had to go to the hospital. So… yea, not a fan of charging dogs. Of all things… she had to mention the dogs. 😢

On a positive note we are feeling strong, happy and grateful! Our bike setups are dialed in. We have a place for everything on our bikes and can quickly find it. Our bikes are holding up well, including the tires and as a bonus I did laundry last night so we smell good as we roll past these pines that smell even better.

And finally today we want to wish our Charlie a happy, happy eighth birthday! We love you Char and can’t wait to see you soon!

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