#SD2KW, Day 21, El Paso to Esperanza, 82 miles | 1,000 and Some Change

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We’ve been on the road for three weeks now and have gone a little over 1,000 miles! Yay!

Our first full day in The Lone Star State started with getting out of El Paso. It took us over three hours but we were safe and got a good look at many parts of the city. It’s worth coming back to!

Beyond the city we began cycling through several pecan orchards, many of whom were topping trees and burning orchard debris. Talk about getting “smoked”! 😂

We tentatively targeted Ft. Hancock (with a motel but no hot food or coffee) as today’s destination or six miles beyond the tiny town of Esperanza (offers free tenting to cyclists and is a truck stop off I-10 with food and coffee). With favorable winds, we pushed the extra 25 or so miles on to the Traveling Tiger Truck Stop after Esperanza.

Early evening cycling is just about our fave time to ride. Not only does the end-of-day light cast spectacular shadows on the landscape it seems particularly peaceful.

As mentioned, we headed for the truck stop, knowing it was going to be a cold night of camping but knew hot food was available.

Friends, let me tell ya, we are just a block from I-10 (and about 2-3 miles from the border). Truckers drive all night long! The trucks didn’t stop. Lucky for us – were it not for them, how would our country stay so well supplied? Right? The ground was a little rocky but we stayed toasty warm even with temps in the low 30’s.

Last night we were in a Fairfield Inn by Marriott and tonight we rest in a tent at a truck stop sleeping in the clothes we rode over 80 miles in. It’s feast or famine on the journey. And if this doesn’t grow our comfort zone, I don’t know what will. 😊

Have a beautiful Thursday!

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids:

14 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 21, El Paso to Esperanza, 82 miles | 1,000 and Some Change”

    1. I did NOT know that but I sure wish I knew all that you do about pics and vids! All is well here in Van Horn, TX. Getting down to 22 degrees tonight so no camping. Tom found a one room cabin just $20 more than a tent site. Stay well my friend!


  1. And maybe a Texas blues song from Stevie Ray Vaughan, before you leave the Lone Star.
    That is, if you “Can’t stand the weather” or just too full of “Pride and Joy”.

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  2. Hi Mrs Gardner! Joey wants to know if you worry riding your bike when the trucks and cars go so fast? Abby wants to know what you do when you get a flat tire. Thanks and we are saying prayers for you!

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    1. Hello to Mrs. Austin, Mrs. Weaver and students! We are getting ready for our 74 mile ride today and will answer your questions in tomorrow’s blog. These are very good questions and deserve good answers. 🥰 Keep praying! Prayers work!


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