#SD2KW, Day 18, Douglas to Rodeo, 52miles | 50 x 80

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We rode over 50 miles on Historic Route 80. It was almost like riding on the Monon rail trail for a morning bike ride except… we had and a sweet (and I mean sweet) tail wind all afternoon into New Mexico.

Our reintroduction to cycling in New Mexico began in the midst of a high speed law enforcement chase. One “bad guy” going over 100 mph I think and three police officers in pursuit, with berries, cherries and sirens. No need to wave my little left arm up like I always do to let traffic know I see them. They were on a mission.

Keeping with tradition, we have choreographed a new state line jig for y’all. It’s our Mexican Hat (or for us, Helmet) Dance. Funny thing was, we did it right at the pull off by the state line sign while law enforcement continued the chase.

Today was just one of those idyllic days to ride. Clear sky, high desert, little traffic, shoulders and nice pavement. We don’t take it for granted.

We are staying in a little place just over the border, in a town called Rodeo (pronounced like the swanky street in California). Without C Stores or restaurants around we pooled our food together and this is what we have for lunch (and dinner). 🤣 And it tastes pretty darn good.

The birds in the trees (I think Cassin’s sparrows) chirped a victory song for us as we ended our ride at the Mountain Valley Lodge. Tomorrow more tail winds are predicted. Will they blow us into Texas?

Click on the link below to view more pics and vids:

15 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 18, Douglas to Rodeo, 52miles | 50 x 80”

    1. 😂😂😂 we found one to use on YouTube and it was a K-2 Video. Gotta keep it simple for us. Soft shelled tortoises have more rhythm than us.


  1. Great! another state down in the logbook. I always find it unreal how long you can drive on these old US routes out west and seldom see another car or truck. Never been passed by a police chase though. That had to be scary! I imagine you will cross the Great Divide route soon?

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  2. *You guys having too much fun – I love it! Very entertaining.
    *I don’t know how you ride, blog and work on your vids every day – I’m behind just following along!
    *Ride like the wind..Christopher Cross
    *Be safe – enjoy – ride on!
    (P.s. Those rations look suspiciously similar to the ones you packed to start!)

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    1. Oh that’s a great song!! Just added that to my playlist. I keep a “grocery” list on my phone and we pretty much get the same thing each time. Fresh fruit is a bonus when we can find it. We have had some GREAT restaurant food though. Usually at least once a day we get a “real meal.”

      Regarding blogging, a lot of times I wake up in the middle of the night and blog. That works for me. Thank you for following along, Mike!


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