#SD2KW, Day 17, Bisbee to Douglas, 30 miles | Easy Peasy Ride

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Before leaving Bisbee we couldn’t resist taking one more stroll around town and taking a few more pics, especially since today was a short ride and mostly downhill. The hardest part of the day was out cycling the loose dogs in Douglas. #woof

After leaving Bisbee we passed an enormous mining operation, Lavender Pit of the Copper Queen Mine and on to Lowell where several vintage and antique cars lined the streets.

Once out in the country it was downhill to Douglas. Douglas is a border city and our hotel is two miles away from Mexico.

For the first time it was warm enough for short sleeves on our ride however it’s still in the low 30’s at night so no tenting.

Tomorrow we hit a new state line. Hello New Mexico! Currently accepting applications for dance choreographers for our traditional state line dance routines. 💃

Click on image below to view more pics and vids:

19 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 17, Bisbee to Douglas, 30 miles | Easy Peasy Ride”

  1. Loved Lowell. THAT aid a cool town. You two would look marvelous in one of the vintage cars cruising Indy .Tom, VD coming up. Order one for the Mrs. …..Johnny will gladly pick it up

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      1. We left at the end of February. I was with Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers so not sure. Bubba had mapped out the route. However in 2021 I did the Mississippi River route & did use the AMA maps. Was not real happy w/them. Didn’t really stay close to the River but in all it was ok

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      2. The reason I’m asking about time of year (and you probably read this) it’s been chilly at night – so much so we aren’t camping much. This was unexpected. Also learned how to make maps on our iPhones with Ride With GPS and then upload to our Garmins. This has been a big help. It’s always an adventure as I’m sure you know. Thanks for checking in! 😉


      1. We will start riding north from Naples Italy on May 1. We’ll ride for 4 or 5 weeks, where ever that ends up, and then fly home.

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      2. Sounds like an open ended plan with lots of possibilities! Are you shipping your bikes or renting? And are you riding the EuroVelos? I think you mentioned you were riding the Italy Divide of something?


      3. We will take our Cutthroats on the plane as luggage, only cost $30. Bike flights overseas would be $400-500. We’ll ride the Italy Divide which looks similar to the GD. When we get to northern Italy the ID ends, so we then will ride on a route I will have planned.


  2. Seeing your amazing posts got me thinking. You two could make BIG MONEY doing long distance bike tours. I bet people would pay $30,000+ to come with you on a trip because of your expertise. We could even do a reality show!!

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