#acaNoTier North Hudson to Ripton, 54 Miles | Say Cheese!

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We have entered Vermont! But you know you are in trouble when the state tag line has the word “mountain” in it.

Here are Tom’s highlights of the day:

  • Up early enjoying Deb’s oatmeal and coffee while we packed up, pushups/planks and hit the road ~6:30 or so
  • Enjoying another sunny, chilly morning riding the backroads of eastern New York
  • Jumping on a busy road for 16 miles at 7:30am just in time for the Monday morning rush hour.
  • Stopping for breakfast in Ticonderoga at Mickey D’s
  • Jumping on the Ferry crossing Lake Champlain to Vermont
  • Let climbs begin in the Green Mountains
  • Checking into the Chapman Hill Inn half way up the climb to Bread Loaf.
  • Sitting with the owner and other guests at 6pm chatting and next thing you look at your watch and it is 10 pm
  • Loving to hear about the history of the Inn. Back in the 70s, Ben or Jerry would ride their motorcycle with 5 gallon bucket of ice cream in the panniers and hand deliver in to the walk in cold fridge in the Inn.
  • Robert Frost used to spend 39 years visiting in Ripton
  • Having a great sleep in a comfy bed which will be the last for the remainder of our trip

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