#acaNoTier Port Burwell to Dunville, ON, 82 Miles | Cycling the Erie Connector

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It was a stunning ride today on the Erie Connector. First we travelled through an agricultural area rich with crops and apple and cherry orchards. The route provided views of Lake Erie with a smattering of small villages – enough to keep us well supplied with Gatorade and ice cream.

We road along the “Toast Coast” which is mostly made up of vineyards and tasting rooms and after a picnic lunch in Selkirk we were routed through an unforgettable coastline ride for the last 15 or so miles of the day. It was awesome!

No rain, some short steep climbs and a few headwinds made for a good day of cycling.

Today’s video song is Pearl Jam’s Wish List. I have just four wishes right now while laying in my tent.

  1. I wish I hadn’t seen that snake slithering through the grass behind our tent site. The tent is on lockdown for peace of mind. 🚫🐍
  1. I wish the RVers next door who locked themselves out of their RV at 7:30pm would ask their rescuer to dim his truck lights that are shining in our tent. 😬
  1. I wish the toddler who doesn’t appear to like camping would give the 4.5 hour tantrum a break since it’s almost 11 pm. On second thought maybe it will keep Mr. Snake away. 😂 Poor mom and dad though. I’ve been there, done that. Good for them for camping with their family. ❤️
  1. I wish Tom and I could do that ride one more time today because it was stellar.

9 thoughts on “#acaNoTier Port Burwell to Dunville, ON, 82 Miles | Cycling the Erie Connector”

  1. How many of those maps did you pack at the start? Do you swap and drop some along the way via a care package or something? Just curious.

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    1. Funny you should ask. We just finished the Erie Connector (500 Miles) and I tucked it away with the others. I really could send them home to cut weight. We have only two maps left!


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