#acaNoTier Clearville to Port Burwell, ON | It’s a God Thing

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We awoke this morning before 6am with little rain the night before. The first thing I hear was a very loud bird chirping right above our tent.

I mumbled “hey Tom why don’t you tell that bird to pick another tree. It’s not six yet.” He calmly said, “I think that’s God letting us know we need to get going.”

With a forecast of more rain and a strong headwind, I agreed.

Since services were scarce on the route we decided to eat breakfast before we left although it felt and looked like more rain at any moment.

Gratefully it started sprinkling after breakfast was cooked, eaten and cleaned up. But… we only got half of our push-ups in and none of our planks. Since it began to rain we bagged them.

As soon as we were en route the wind came, and the rain. And it kept coming to the point that soon we were chilling. We needed more layers and something warm to drink.

About the time we were ready to pull over and snag clothing and gloves out of our bags in Wallacetown we noticed St. Helen’s, a Catholic church with Mass starting in just 10 minutes.

After all it IS Sunday. But… we were soaked to the core and cold. Seriously… church shivering and dripping wet?

We hadn’t even got off our bikes when we were welcomed by several people and invited in. Suzanne said “and be sure to stay for hot coffee and snacks after.” Suzanne added, “There are towels down the steps. Use as many as you need and come up for Mass. We start on time!”

And then there wasn’t a decision to make.

This wasn’t just coincidental. God’s timing is perfect.

Mass of course was needed and appreciated. With the windows open even though the rain continued to pour, the same bird sang outside the church window. Not kidding… same kind as the birdsong that woke us up.

After church we had a lovely time meeting and chatting it up with the folks from Wallacetown. They were so, so friendly although I’m not sure they knew how many cookies hungry cyclists were going to eat.

As soon as we warmed up and with 20 miles in we headed for Port Stanley. More headwinds and more rain came but with added layers we were able to stay comfy (except for the rooster tail Tom’s bike kept throwing off in my face.) I’ll take the added spray with a draft off him any day. My day was a lot easier because of Tom.

With rain still coming down in Port Stanley we decided to duck in a waterfront cafe. As soon as I took my plane off airplane mode our daughter, Missy texted us that she was on the way to the hospital to have her baby.

Jared and Missy were expecting baby #2 on July 26… but our new baby granddaughter had other ideas.

We ate and then finished the ride to Port Burwell where we splurged on a Bed and Breakfast in anticipation of baby’s arrival.

With the sun finally coming out we were finally able to snap a couple pics for the vid. It turned out to be a pleasant evening and…

Welcome to the world baby Rosalie Anne! Praise God for all prayers answered today.

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