#SD2KW, Day 54, Suwannee River State Park to Alachua, 78 Miles | Near Perfect

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Today was one of those near perfect days of riding, right down to the soup and sammich lunch special served at Wellborn’s Country Charm Diner.

With blue bird skies and the light caress of a tailwind on our back we made it past our goal and into Alachua which sets us up for a Thursday or Friday arrival in St. Augustine before the big thunderstorms roll in on Saturday.

Today’s conversations were not nearly as thought provoking as yesterday’s with Earl nevertheless, they were worth the stop. (sound on below)

Not sure if any of our friends are Wordlers but I need to put this out there right now. The morning we started the ride, I broke a 98 day solve streak. 😳 Of all days. What bad mojo. I was so hoping to get to 100 straight Wordle solves, but no. I’m back at it and have a 54 day streak going… same as our bike ride. Gosh I hope I don’t mess it up.

Also a few people have been asking about the songs in the daily videos. The title and musicians are listed on the Google sheet (see the Accommodations link above). And I’ve also created a playlist on Spotify. Click here to have have a listen.

Thanks again for the prayers, encouragement and allowing us to share this time with you. Oh what a ride it’s been and it’s not over yet!

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids:

13 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 54, Suwannee River State Park to Alachua, 78 Miles | Near Perfect”

  1. Of course I’m a wordler! And yes , my streaks have been broken… I think it was revel ? Anyway , another day, another puzzle! Get under cover from those stormies! 🙏🤗

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  2. Great song choice! You started off with a turkey chasing you and I predict a chicken crossing the road will end your ride in Key West. The road down the coast will be a great way to ice the amazing cake you have been making for so many days. Excited for you!

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