#SD2KW, Day 40, Ville Platte to Simmesport, 61 Miles | Don’t Let It Pass “Bayou”

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Well Louisiana has been a surprise. We’ve been hearing a lot about this state, about the aggressive dogs, rough roads and poverty. This got me thinking about what we’ve experienced so far.

As far as the roads, yea there are a few rough spots but nothing like the road coming into our own neighborhood at home up Olney Street. Hello, Marion County. We be lookin’ at you. 👀 Don’t let the rough spots in the road keep you from the path you are meant to take lest opportunities pass “bayou”.

Yes there is financial poverty in Louisiana (from the limited areas we’ve ridden through) but friends, we are in the midst of a people who are rich in kindness, culture and camaraderie. Don’t let what looks like poverty in a person obscure your vision lest the wealth inherent in them and their culture pass “bayou”.

Sometimes we want to be the “helpers” instead of the “helpees”. Don’t let the opportunity to accept someone’s help pass “bayou”. It benefits both the helper AND the helpee. Thank you, Mr. Maddie.

And so far the dog sitch has been solved. Yes there are some chargers and chasers but I finally got up the courage to do what Tom’s been telling me to do. Get. Off. The. Bike. So I do that and then give them the biggest growl and meanest “NO” I can muster. Most of them do a 180 and quickly scurry away. Some come up for a scratch behind the ears. Don’t let your fears keep you from enjoying the life God so dearly wants you to live lest your life be limited and pass “bayou”.

We’re grateful for opportunities to meet new friends and rendez with ones we’ve met in the past. Don’t let those moments pass “bayou” as relationships are the gold standard in life.

Allow me to run something else “bayou”. Signs often spur a memory for us and this one sure did for me. I’ve done 2-3 short section hikes on the Appalachian Trail. My trail name is Ghost Bunkie (Bunkie for short). I couldn’t pass up this photo op and thinking about my trail buds.🤙🏻

Finally, we scored another truck stop tent site. We mighta threw our tent up right next to a semi who kept his engine running all night but we pretended it was an soothing air conditioner and slept like babies.

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids. This is one of my faves so check it out. 😉

20 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 40, Ville Platte to Simmesport, 61 Miles | Don’t Let It Pass “Bayou””

  1. Ok you’re killing me here! So our friend Ann married your college honey. She’s from ville platte and he’s from bunkie! You touch my ❤️..we are in Birmingham and will be in Indy tonight, so we’ll miss you physically but safe travels as you pedal on bayou!

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    1. My college honey? I didn’t have many. Which one? 😬

      Hey be careful on the road and if you see two hungry cyclists throw them some crayfish. 😉


      1. Ann married her college sweetheart! Yikes! And if I’ve got any crawfish 🦞, I’ll be eating them myself! …sorry bout that…pinch rail and suck head as they say at the crawfish boil! Pedal on… we’re at the Cracker Barrel in Nashville, Tennessee! Heading home 🏡

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      2. Sorry did not get the casserole…since I haven’t played pball since Monday, I need to watch my intake.. but I did get the grits! Safe travels back at you! Glad it’s warmed up for y’all!⛺️🚴‍♀️🚴

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    1. You already know all this friend. 😘 These are reminders for myself ‘cause sometimes I forget.😍 Thanks for the follow! Good to hear from you. 😊😊


      1. You are right that I know all of that, but reminders are helpful for me too! Today’s Magnificat Lenten Companion is about signs and how we look for signs but also more importantly are asked to become a sign to others. I think you are great at observing signs along your journey, both literally and figuratively, and have become a sign for others about what’s important in life! I’m enjoying following your signs! Safe travels…hoping the rainstorms in the south aren’t going to affect you.

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  2. The first three “bayou”s made me smile. The fourth made me laugh out loud. Not sure why. Nice writing. I think I’m too lazy to stop and get off my bike for a dog. I usually kick at them if they are too close. I we ride the Southern Tier I’ll carry an old spare tent pole for swatting.

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    1. Hahaha that would work too! An old tent pole. 😂 A couple years ago Tom and I were down in Jackson County (Indiana). We were getting some training rides in for the GDMBR – it’s nice and hilly down there. I got chased by three loose pit bulls and it was one of the scariest events in my life. I got going fast down a hill (Strava said 19mph) and they chased after me and kept up with me – unconcerned with Tom who’d stopped. A former student of mine got chased by the same three pitties six months prior, crashed his bike and broke his shoulder. I had Halt (dog spray deterrent), used it and it didn’t do a thing. It was awful. Dog owner was out there and watched the whole thing. 😠


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