#SD2KW, Day 38, Silsbee to De Ridder, 73 Miles | The Pelican State!

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Yep! We made it to Louisiana. Finally. 😂 When we started this ride we teased ourselves wondering if we could possibly make NewOrleans in time for Mardi Gras.🎉 LOL Nope!

The first 30 miles went quickly on this Sunday morning. As we entered Kirbyville we passed a Catholic Church and as luck would have it, we were only a few minutes late for Mass so ducked in. Lots to be grateful for these days!

Not long after we met Tanner from Portland, Oregon. This ambitious 27 year old is riding the Southern Tier eastbound like us (the first eastbounder we’ve seen). Out of Orlando he, his bike and gear are flying to Paris to begin an extended European bike tour. Time and money permitting he hopes to make it to Australia and Japan as well. We had so many questions for him, however each of us wanted to get on our way. We did, however, share dog wrangling tips. 😉

Tom found a nice little RV park just outside of DeRidder and just like last night… we had our own little shelter. So cozy. When we checked in the gentleman informed there are flushers, however, BYOTP (Bring Your Own Toilet Paper). We don’t provide because people run off with it. Lucky for us we packed well. (avec TP).

The owner of the righteous looking pickup truck behind the gazebo is Chris. He’s a traveling nurse and was heading out for his shift in an emergency room in a local hospital. We could have chatted with him all night for if you are a bartender, a hairdresser or an emergency room nurse, you have the BEST stories. Chris actually offered his place up for us to stay while he was working but we’d already pitched our tent. That struck me as uber kind.

As we were packing up the next morning, Chris rolled in after his shift. We asked him how many lives he saved and he chuckled. He mentioned he’d seen a man who was driving a pickup truck who’d had a medical emergency while driving. Sure enough when we stopped for coffee on the way out DeRidder we saw the truck on the wrecker. This was the guy Chris saw in the ER. The sheriff told us the driver may have had a stroke, was going 65 miles an hour and hit the gas pump dead on. Dang! Wonder what that sounded like.

Back to Chris though… when he found out we’d never eaten crawfish he got out his phone and started looking up the best places on our route to get some. And the guy grew over 150 pepper plants last year and varieties I’d never heard of! If only we had more time… we could chat so long.

Time to saddle up. Happy Monday everybody! 🤙🏻

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8 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 38, Silsbee to De Ridder, 73 Miles | The Pelican State!”

  1. Speaking of mudbugs, you’ll see their mounds in the rice fields as you approach Mamou. There is a great little place as you are coming into town to have a feast on them – B&L seafoods. Oh, we have tried various things for dogs. Most recently, I carried a referee’s whistle hanging from a lanyard around my neck. I Only got a chance to use it on one chasing dog, though. He stopped dead in his tracks and then turned around and hightailed at high speed.

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    1. Ok so far the dogs have not been an issue, but we still have a ways to go. Tom and I have an agreed upon plan.

      These rice fields are fascinating! I had no idea. And I’m pretty sure we passed B & L!


  2. At the beginning of your ride Shauna and I didn’t have any desire to do that long of a road ride. But now I’m 50/50. I love these small towns you are going through. Sounds like you have a little more tailwind that headwind. True?

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