#SD2KW, Day 36, Navasota to Coldspring, 66 miles | Juxtaposition

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Two days of riding, one right after the other – it’s that juxtaposition of a great day next to a not-so-great day that makes them appear grandly different although we are seeing subtle changes.

The rolling hills aren’t as meaty; they are softening. Instead of the 3-8% climbs, today’s were seldom more than 5%. Things are greening up and budding out as we ride east. We are seeing homes built on blocks and even changes in roadkill with very few deer and feral hogs and now more turtles. 😟 We even passed our first bayou today and experiencing our first mosquitoes tonight.

The route took us through the Sam Houston National Forest most of the day through towns with services (food, etc) spaced about every 20 miles which makes for well timed opportunities to take breaks.

We got to the campsite in Sam Houston National Forest fairly early and had time for a game Gin. The score is now tied at four games each.

Texas, it’s been a beautiful time and we are going to miss you but we are slowly leaving you behind.

Click on the image below for more pics and vids.

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