#SD2KW, Day 28, Del Rio to Camp Wood, 76 miles | Saying Goodbyes

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Today we said our goodbyes both to Highway 90 and Map #3 on the Southern Tier. As you may recall, Highway 90 started back in Van Horn some 340 miles or so ago. And we started the great state of Texas with Map #3 all the way back in El Paso some 475 miles and nine days ago.

Just outside Del Rio we passed Laughlin Air Force Base and stopped a few times to watch and listen to jets soar overhead.

We stopped in Bracketville to get a cup of coffee and met Frank. This man a had an unmistakable aura of joy about him. He explained he was heading to McAllen, Texas to do service work and wants to involve youth. The fact that he’s a double leg amputee wasn’t going to stop him. There’s no stopping Frank!

After our coffee stop we met westbound bike travelers from Cambridge, UK. Riders Luke and Emma are cycling Austin to San Diego and plan to take six weeks. We’ve seen just one other cyclist on tour and that was way back near Glamis and he was westbound also. We are definitely early birds on the Southern Tier as evidenced not only by lack of riders but the weather.

Finally back cycling in rural areas and away from semi trucks, we sailed up and down hills and even starting to see trees again!

Tom picked out a campground on the Nueces River. There isn’t anyone here but the caretaker, but Larry stopped by when he saw us roll in. He wondered if we knew what the overnight temps were going to be and asked us if we wanted to use his hot plate. 😂

Loved this campground! The property was so well kept and had so many offerings for families. It even had a driving range. 🏌️‍♂️

Tomorrow we venture onto new roads with a few steep hills thrown in for fun.

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids:

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