#SD2KW, Day 15, Sonoita to Tombstone, 44 miles | Tourists in Tombstone

Riding Stats


We chose to cycle the longer way out of Senoita through the vineyards on low traffic, picturesque roads. Though the vineyards were dormant they still offered much to look at. The solitude was the perfect way to begin a day of riding.

Once past the vineyard we rolled through Elgin which happens to be a very popular place for movie filming. Check out all the movies here.

I’d have never know this for it not for our friend Garry, a fellow travel lover and adventurer. He has a blog I follow faithfully when he’s on tour.

Little wonder Elgin is chosen for movie sets. It’s lovely and our pics don’t do it justice.

Then we had one long, groovy decent. So. Much. Fun. Until the climb into Tombstone. 😂

Once we climbed into Tombstone we found The Sagebrush Inn and toured the town. Our last stop was Big Nose Kate’s where we met owner and Army Veteran Steve. He’s owned Kate’s for 47 years and explained there’s been a lot of changes in the town. As you can imagine he had a LOT of stories to share.

And he dressed us up for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opp.

Our days end pretty early while bike traveling so once our bellies were full we headed back to play some gin (Tom won) and lube the bike chains.

Climbing to Bisbee tomorrow and will hit about 6,000 feet. Another hotel room (not mad about it) as night temps are in the upper 20’s. 🥶

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids:

18 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 15, Sonoita to Tombstone, 44 miles | Tourists in Tombstone”

  1. Cool—Just miss you guys—leaving the Alamo in San Antonio now. Good news, Warmer weather on its way—but boy, sure wasn’t here this last week Brrrr!!
    Ride-On & Safe👍🏼 Karl

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      1. Count… that’s my trick. See how many 100’s you can count. Whee! 💪🚴🏻‼️


        div dir=”ltr”>Sent from somewhere wonderful

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  2. Hay! Thanks for the link. I love when you two are on the road so I have an exciting website to enjoy! I love your adventures and all your stories. All I do is sit behind a windshield in air condition comfort and watch the same roads go by. Safe travels on your journey. Garry Rollins.

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      1. We hardly ever watch TV but the place we stayed at last night had only one DVD and it was Tombstone and we watched it. Did you know Wyatt Earp lived to be 80 years old and didn’t pass until 1929? Imagine the stories he shared!


      2. I had no idea he lived that long; especially considering the number of outlaws who wanted to shorten his life. Once again I’ve learned something new. Thanks!

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