#acaNoTier Clam Lake to Boulder Junction, 83 miles | Gnats, Mosquitos and Deer Flies, Oh No!

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We are getting closer to Lake Michigan and taking the SS Badger across it to cross our next state line but not before missing every opportunity to live the present moment well.

The day started out laying in our tent devising a plan of action to get out of the campground as fast as possible. The gnats and mosquitos were awful and we didn’t have any fresh water for cooking or washing.

Tom went out first and discovered a front flat tire on his bike. Wouldn’t you know it… a flat, no water for breakfast, swarms of irritating bugs and a flat tire. No problem though! Tom fixed the flat and I got the tent down and bags stuffed quickly and we were on our way by 7am.

Highway 77 was a stellar ride and the first 15 miles went by before we knew it. After second breakfast it was a day of riding much the same as the day before, lots of rollers (we love these), lots of taverns and properties for sale and more timber and lakes – all in a rural setting.

The deer flies though… I had no idea. These rather large buzzing flies like to dive bomb your helmet smashing their bodies against it. And they will wait to swarm until you’re climbing a hill at 4 mph with a raspberry poptart hanging out of your mouth. When you open your mouth to shoo them off, the poptart falls to ground. Here’s how it works:

Apparently there is research that concluded they prefer the color blue and objects that move linearly. Who knew?

We picnicked in Mercer and cycled on to Boulder Junction with the last 15 miles or so on a paved bike trail which we both agreed might have been the best bike trail ever.

We are hotelling it tonight to scrub off three days worth of sunscreen, dirt and bug juice. And we even found walleye fish sammie’s for dinner. #worthridingfor

Our evening ended with ice cream, a walk and planning the next day’s route.

10 thoughts on “#acaNoTier Clam Lake to Boulder Junction, 83 miles | Gnats, Mosquitos and Deer Flies, Oh No!”

  1. Loving these updates! And I can’t believe how far you’ve traveled already! Prayers for safe travels to you and Tom! We are keeping Sahms & Some Guys in business during your absence ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha thanks Lauren! We had cheese curds last night before the fish Sammie’s and it made us think of Sahm’s. Thanks for following along! Guess where we will cycle by in Maine… Rockport and Camden!


  2. Deb and Tom, It was so great meeting and talking with you both yesterday in Butternut! I’m enjoying reading your blog to see how your trip is going! Have a safe rest of your trip!

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      1. Love the deer fly video–and the size of the ice cream cone was just reward for putting up with the critters. Have fun on the ferry across Lake Michigan!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We can’t wait for the ferry and a rest day in Ludington while we get our bikes tuned up. Hopefully the weather and schedule will hold. Thanks for following Kathleen!!!


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