#acaNoTier Pelican Rapids to Sauk Centre, 104 Miles | Ding Ding! Ring that Century Bell Again!

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Yep we did another 100 mile ride today!! The morning started with 25 miles on rural rollers and a sweet tailwind. We’d planned ahead to snag a second breakfast in Fergus Falls.

You don’t stop in a Minnesota town named Fergus Falls without getting second breakfast at The Viking Cafe.

We sat at the counter since it was packed and got to talking to Ed at the counter – he asked what kind of bike Tom rode. When Tom said an REI Co-Op he looked puzzled. He thought we were riding motorcycles. ๐Ÿคฃ

We’d planned on staying at a Warm Showers but since the winds and riding conditions were so favorable we decided to try to power through and ride a century today. Plus we were very well rested from our day off on July 4.

There are multiple conditions that make for a good ride. Today we experienced them ALL. After Fergus Falls we were on a bike trail. All. Day. Long. That meant not using our mirrors, yelling “car back” or even turning on our blinking lights. #bikenirvana

Plus there was a steady tailwind, flat terrain, no traffic and multiple small towns to stop for Paydays and ice cream.

We met Steve who is in training to ride around Banff soon with VBT. We chuckled at the saying on the back of his jersey, “Keep Calm and Cycle On.” Go Steve!

With just 15 miles to go we met a family at the best place to get ice cream in Minnesota.

Ya know ya think ya might be doing something extraordinary until you meet a guy like Eric who rode a 36″ wheel unicycle 150 miles from Houston to Austin in two days. #stellar

We are camped in a beautiful city park right by one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.

Tomorrow we are actually setting our alarm clock for 5am in hopes of getting an early start to reach Dalbo which is 106 miles away. This would be quite a stretch goal for us as we rode 100 today and the riding conditions won’t be as favorable. But… nothing ventured, nothing gained.

And there is a cyclist bunkhouse that is supposed to be a “must see” so we are motivated.

And oh yea… this happened today – let’s call this not a milestone, but a “smilestone”.

We really need a refresher Arthur Murray dance lesson. It was a sweet emotion hitting this mark but seriously we need some choreography help.

Last but not least, happiest of birthdays to our darling Annie! ๐Ÿ’“

If there are issues watching the vid, click here to watch today’s video ride recap on my YouTube channel.

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