#acaNoTier Whitefish to West Glacier, 33 miles | In the Mood for Some GNP

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Today we had just a short ride to West Glacier where we will spend the next four nights camping in Glacier National Park.

The campsite is sweet! Lots of privacy, trees, bear box available and close to a bike path that leads to the Visitor Center and Village (good for charging devices but unfortunately poor cell and WiFi connection).

Apgar Campground has a limited number of sites for biker/hikers and we were able to snag one. They are $5 a person a night and not crowded at all since it’s early in the season. Super inexpensive!

Shooting for riding up Logan Pass tomorrow!

We ran into Melissa again today a NT thru biker from Seattle. She’d stopped to talk to Kiki another solo female cyclist who has already put in over 3,000 miles. Amazing, right?

And… Tom took his turn cooking tonight. It was marvelous!

13 thoughts on “#acaNoTier Whitefish to West Glacier, 33 miles | In the Mood for Some GNP”

  1. Deb’s, I need to point this out as it has fiscal value. At time 2:17 on your video, I couldn’t help notice that the fee is five dollars in both Canadian and US dollars. Given today’s exchange rate, you would save one million US dollars if you used Canadian dollars to pay and camped every night for 2,264 years and 14 days. I think it’s important to plan one’s future.

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    1. Thank you SO much for following. We have been in a holding pattern the last couple days in Glacier seeing the sites and rendezvousing with friends. On our way now to Logan. Wish me luck – bags now on the front as well as the back. More weight but more dispersed. Again thanks for the follow.

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