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Because we are on to Montana! And we’re gonna be here for a while.

It may have rained most of the day but it wasn’t like the Montana mountains and river views hurt the eyes.

Shortly after we left Clark Fork we took the Heron Alternate route to avoid logging traffic which also provided plenty of rural views.

The route really got interesting at the state line where the only way you could tell you were entering a new state was the road surface turned to gravel. See Tom’s pic above.

Hilarious. Touring road bikes hauling weight riding on gravel. 🤣

The rain started shorty after second breakfast and it rained most of the day. And whoa it was chilly.

But it was our wedding anniversary and we knew we had a warm, dry place for the night.

The Huckleberry B & B didn’t disappoint either. Ellen and Keith warmed us up with a nice glass of cab and made a fire in the fireplace.

We swapped life stories and then set out to find dinner and bevvies to celebrate eleven years! The Cabinet Mountain Brewery completed another day for which we are most grateful.

See the vid below for our ride recap:

Happy Anniversary to us!

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